Parylene Coatings

APM Technica AG is expanding its competence centre for surface coatings with a parylene coatings centre. Parylene ideally fits into the APM portfolio of plasma technology, wet coatings and optical vacuum coatings.

Parylene is a very penetrative coating with exceptionally good protective properties. As the coating takes place in the gas phase, cavities and narrow capillaries can be coated and, unlike with wet coatings, there is no thinning at the edges. Coating takes place at room temperature, ensuring that even sensitive components can be treated.

Parylene offers protection against acids, lyes and water vapour and can be made to be exceptionally hydrophobic. The deep dielectric constant and extremely high breakdown voltage of parylene offers benefits for electronics manufacturers. The lubrication properties and barrier function are used in medical technology (parylene is USP Class VI certified and has an FDA approval as a biocompatible material).

Information about Parylene coatings